What is Zeep?

Zeep tackles the lack of financial accountability in the parent – teen relationship by allowing parents to monitor how teens spend the money they give them and giving teens greater financial freedom and responsibility that they account for.

How do I get Zeep?

As a parent, you can access Zeep by dialing *823# and following the simple steps to register. Once you are registered as a parent, you can then register your teen following the steps on the beneficiaries tab in the menu.

Zeep is also available as an app on android and on the apple store.

How does it work?

Once you are registered you register your teen through the beneficiaries tab in the USSD or APP.

Your teen will get a message that they are now registered and once you transfer cash to their Zeep account they can begin spending and you receive an alert every time they make a purchase.

You can use Zeep to make a purchase as a parent or as a teen on the USSD or APP by simply going to PURCHASE tab and putting in the merchant number displayed at the merchant’s shop followed by the amount and your pin.

You will receive a text to confirm your purchase.

How do I load money into my Zeep account?

It’s simple. You can transfer money from your M-PESA account by:

  1. 1. Going to Lipa na Mpesa
  2. 2. Go to Paybill
  3. 3. Put Paybill number 808600
  4. 4. Put your phone number (the number registered with Zeep) as the account number
  5. 5. Confirm transaction.
Where can Zeep be used?

Zeep can be used in specific locations that we have partnered with. All merchants who accept Zeep will have our logo in their premises.

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