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Zeep is a mobile platform designed for caring parents who need to monitor cash entrusted to the dependants in their lives.

Our service allows you to send money through your mobile phone to dependants while giving you the ability to monitor and account for their spending at selected merchants and outlets.

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They are growing up in a society very different from the one we grew up in. A society that needs them to become more responsible much earlier in life. That requires you take a little more control of the person your teenager turns out to be.

Zeep is the start of building a trusting relationship with your teenager.

A relationship where you can give them the freedom to discover the world for themselves yet, still be close enough to guide them when they need you to. Zeep allows you to send money to their phone and with every transaction that they conduct, you get a notification through your mobile phone.

Zeep works towards helping them nurture habits that will see them become responsible adults. Zeep is all about being part of your teenager’s life; it’s about being a parent and a friend to your children.


Since the concept of money was created, effective spending has been the biggest challenge of using it. Especially when it comes to areas that require accountability. It has become apparent that certain business or personal relationships require some level of monitoring when it comes to spending of money due to issues of correct spending and misuse of the money. We are offering an opportunity to enable parents and guardians to regain control of their expenditure through a monetary transaction system devoid of hard-currency transactions and with ease of monitoring.

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